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NHSmail is a secure emailing system which any service commissioned to deliver publicly funded Health and Social Care can use. It is accredited for sharing patient identifiable and sensitive information. The benefit of this emailing system is to enable care providers to share sensitive information with other health care professionals. This allows many providers to get rid of their fax machines.

NHSmail is beneficial when:

  • Receiving test results from the hospital

  • Contacting GP surgeries about your clients

For NHSmail resources click here

Applying for an NHSmail account

As of 1st July 2021 the application process changed, any CQC registered Provider MUST complete the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) to a minimum of Approaching Standards before they can apply for the organisation to have NHSmail.  Click Here for assistance with DSPT

As of 31st July 2021 all fast-track application methods have been removed, and any Providers wishing to set-up NHSmail for their organisation must do so via the NHS Portal.

NB.  This only applies to Providers who do not already have NHSmail; new user accounts must be requested from the NHS Helpdesk.

If you are unsure if you, or someone within your organisation, has NHSmail please contact us:

Damon Habbin, Digital Project Officer – damon.habbin@nhs.net


NHS Portal Application Process

 ** Don’t forget – you must have completed the DSP Toolkit to at least Approaching Standards before submitting your application

Before you start:

  • Accounts created will be for individuals, generic accounts are not allowed – however you will be allocated a ‘Shared Mailbox’ that users, with the correct permission, will be able to access.  This is normally in the format of ‘care.ODScode@nhs.net’

  • You need to request a minimum of 2 user accounts, up to a maximum of 10 user accounts per site.

Additional accounts can be requested at a later date via the NHS Helpdesk, but it may be better to give consideration at this stage to who will need an NHS.net account.  This form will help you to gather the relevant information for each user.

The email address and mobile numbers given by each person need to be individual, and can be personal, the information will only be used for the creation of the NHS.net accounts and any future verification purposes.

You will need:               

  • Your CQC Location ID – this can be found by visiting your locations page on the CQC website, it is normally shown as the last digits in the address bar eg. 1-123456789

  • CQC Managers ID – this should be on the managers registration details, or can be found on the CQC Provider Portal if they know their login details. Alternatively, if the manager has recently changed it may be better to request a one-time pass code is posted to you (see below).

  • The Postcode of the home/ office, as registered with the CQC – this will bring up your ODS Code, if it does not you will need to contact the NHS Helpdesk as it may mean there are already NHS.net accounts associated with your organisation.

If you do not have any of the above information, you will be given the opportunity to request a one-time passcode – we recommend opting for it to be sent by post, as the email option relies on you having access to the email account associated with your CQC registration. The code will be valid for 28 days from issue, and can take 5 to 7 days to arrive.

If you run into any technical difficulties, please contact the NHS Helpdesk on 0333 200 1133