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20/05/2020   Thank you for caring - a message from Duncan & Toplis


Thank you for caring

A message from Duncan & Toplis

As the people who protect and care for the most vulnerable in our community, we’re always grateful for your work looking after our loved ones.

Now, as you work through one of the most challenging crises we’ve ever faced as a country, we want to send our heartfelt thanks to you and all of your colleagues.

Faced with the pandemic and the growing number of cases in care homes across the country, all care home workers are understandably anxious. This is a stressful time and you are on the frontline.

Right now, you need to be prioritising the safety and wellbeing of residents and team members while also ensuring your business remains stable and sustainable.

To help you focus on providing the best possible care during the coronavirus outbreak, our team at Duncan & Toplis is working closely with managers and owners to make caring for your business as simple as possible.

While we’re unable to visit, we have transformed the way we work to ensure we’re always connected and in closer contact than ever before, delivering the support you need at this time. 

Our healthcare specialists are working with care homes in Lincolnshire and across the East Midlands to ensure their finances are in order, that they’re operating efficiently and that they are able to secure all the financial support they’re entitled to.

We’re working hard to do everything we can to help you protect and care for your residents without the distraction of worrying for your business.

We have supported care homes for more than thirty years. We’ve seen care homes innovate and make sacrifices to protect their residents time and again and we’ve witnessed the incredible strength of character of people throughout the sector. 

While we’ve never experienced a situation like this before, we have absolute faith in the skill, determination and compassion of care home teams.

Thank you for everything you do.


11/05/2020   CAS Alert - Tiger Ey Protector Product

Central Alerting System: Tiger Eye Protector Product - Removal From The Supply Chain In Respect Of Covid-19 Use

07/05/2020   Two new e-learning courses available for free

In an effort to support residential care and dual registered homes and their staff during this extremely trying time for the care sector, LinCA Workforce Development has commissioned two further eLearning programmes:

Verification of Expected Death: The course aims to provide the essential knowledge required for verifying an expected death. Using a simulated practical experience in a controlled environment, attendees will develop the skills needed to verify a deceased person, as well as how to spot the signs of a suspicious death.

Every care home has been allocated four free licences. If you have more members of your workforce who need to undertake this training, you can ask individuals to share and undertake the training as a small group, but make sure you track who has done the training and update individual training records.

Wound Care: This course has been specially developed for all staff working within the health and social care sector. It covers wound care and the procedures required to minimise the risk of infection. The course is designed to support the management of simple wound dressing and assist in the assessment process to support the local district nursing team.

Every care home has been allocated five free licences. If you have more members of your workforce who need to undertake this training, you can ask individuals to share and undertake the training as a small group, but please track who has completed the training and update individual training records.

Both programmes are now live and open for you and your staff to access via the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adult Board [LSAB] website: 

We have been working with the LSAB admin team to ensure that your organisation can be found on the list of providers when you have to sign up. If you have already signed up, it is simply a case of login in and identifying who you want to undertake the courses. Any technical or sign in or sign up issues, then please direct your queries to


30/04/2020   Treasury cut taxes to reduce PPE costs

From the 1st of May 2020, PPE purchased by care homes, businesses, charities and individuals to protect against Covid-19 will be free from VAT for a three-month period.

Find out more on the website.

28/04/2020   Our response to the sad news of the care home death toll

We’re deeply saddened by the number of coronavirus deaths in care homes across the UK. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those lost to the virus. We’re also sorry to hear that some of you were not able to say a proper goodbye to your loved ones, or say goodbye in the way you would have liked to.

Sadly, coronavirus particularly affects older people and those with underlying health conditions. The majority of people in care homes are frail and suffering from pre-existing health issues, and unfortunately COVID-19 has taken its toll.

We’re determined at LinCA to do everything we can to support care home residents, providers and staff during this distressing time. There are a number of things care homes and their staff can – and are - doing to fight the virus, including:

  • Ensuring all new residents are tested for COVID-19 before moving into the home
  • Using PPE as appropriate if cases of COVID-19 are known or suspected in the home
  • Ensuring that other professionals coming into the home are aware of the precautions in place on entry

There seems to be a lag in tracking coronavirus deaths in care homes, in part due to a lack of testing. Care providers need to keep tracking the number of COVID-19-related deaths, so we can identify trends and protect both staff and residents. We welcome the testing of asymptomatic staff and care home residents, as well as the commitment from Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to share the details of care home deaths on a daily basis.

It is also important to note that staff are continuing to give the same quality, loving care that they always have, especially in end-of-life situations. Loved ones can be assured that if a relative does pass, it will be in a dignified and comfortable setting, surrounded by people who truly care about them.


28/04/2020   Dental update for Lincolnshire care providers

There is no routine dental care currently in Lincolnshire. If residents or patients have an urgent issue they should contact their own dentist by phone for advice (free service). If they are not registered with a dentist, they should contact 111 instead.

Residents and patients are requested not to contact their GP practice for dental issues. 

A resident's or patient's own dentist, or 111, can refer them for non-face-to-face triage. The triage service can provide advice and prescribe antibiotics & analgesia.

There are seven urgent dental care centres running across the county right now. However, they are only accessible via the triage service, and as capacity is limited this service is largely for extraction (NHS charge £22.70).

28/04/2020   Important coronavirus updates from

COVID-19: how to work safely in care homes

Featured updates include refreshed PPE guidance and the addition of further FAQs.

COVID-19: infection prevention and control (IPC)

A statement has been added following the NERVTAG review of cardiopulmonary resuscitation as an aerosol-generating procedure.

Admission and care of people in care homes

How to protect care home residents and staff during the coronavirus outbreak

Stepdown of infection control precautions within hospitals and discharging COVID-19 patients from hospital to home settings

Advice on appropriate infection prevention and control (IPC) precautions for stepdown in hospital or discharge to home or residential settings.

Management of exposed healthcare workers and patients in hospital settings

Guidance on the management of hospital staff and patients who have been exposed to COVID-19. 

21/04/2020   The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is Live

The Government's Furlough Scheme is now live, meaning care providers can claim a cash grant of up to £2,500 a month per worker. 

  • For a step-by-step guide to the scheme, visit the website
  • For guidance on making a claim to cover the wages of furloughed employees, click here
  • For guidance on working out 80% of an employee's salary, click here.

20/04/2020   Childcare for keyworkers - a message from Lincolnshire County Council

Please see the details below of how key workers can find childcare close to their home or work. If they click on the link, enter their preferred postcode/location and the distance willing to travel, it will give them a list.

We have over 500 providers that remain open however if keyworkers have difficulties finding a provider they can use the contact number in office hours and the family information service will be able to help. If there are still issues email the eycc address below and one of the team will try and broker a place.

As a key worker if you are looking for childcare for younger children or for children of school age where a school is not able to meet your childcare needs you can find details of all childcare providers across Lincolnshire hereIf you require specific support or advice on finding a place for your child you can call the Family Information Service on 0800 195 1635 or email

In addition, if you have not been able to find a childcare place during the COVID-19 outbreak for your child, or have not been able to get the support or find a place to meet your needs, please contact and the Early Years and Childcare Team will contact you directly and work with you to find a place for your child.

You can also find out about which schools remain open – this is on the school closures page of the website.

We can confirm the majority of schools in Lincolnshire remain open for the children of keyworkers and those children or young people classed as vulnerable. If you are requiring emergency care, please contact your child's school in the first instance during regular school hours. If you are unable to make contact, please email or telephone 07899 066576.

17/04/2020   Volunteer support available from Age UK

Age UK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire are offering volunteer support to the county's older and vulnerable people. 

Their volunteers can collect shopping, prescriptions and food items, as well as make wellbeing calls.

To make a request for support simply call them on 03455 564 144 or email

For more information, click here.

17/04/2020   What do care providers need to know about the Coronavirus Act?

The Coronavirus Act - emergency legislation to help the UK deal with COVID-19 as quickly as possible - is now law. But what does this mean for care providers? 

The Act lays the foundations for local authorities, CCGs, HMRC and the NHS to put emergency measures in place, and will affect mainly four areas:

  • The deployment of staff
  • Legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Containment of the virus
  • Managing the deceased.

To find out how these changes could impact your organisation, read this excellent and informative blog by Royds Withy King solicitors. 

09/04/2020   (COVID-19) - Health, care and volunteer workers parking pass and concessions

This pass is for use by health, care and volunteer workers to show they are entitled to free parking in local authority-owned off-street parking, car parks and on-street bays during the coronavirus emergency response period.

For more information on accessing or correctly using your pass, visit the website

07/04/2020   CAS Alert - Class 2 drug alert

Central Alerting System: Class 2 Drug Alert, Action Within 48 Hours, Patient Level Recall, Ceska Republika S.R.O (An Affiliate Of Bausch And Lomb Uk Limited), Emerade 300 Micrograms Solution For Injection In Pre-Filled Syringe

07/04/2020   Updates to infection and prevention control guidance for COVID-19

Public Health England (PHE) has been collaborating with the NHS, NHS Improvement and Devolved Administrations to update the UK's infection and prevention control guidelines for COVID-19.

PHE has also been discussing the subject with the Royal College of Nursing, other Royal Colleges and professional societies.

Based on the available evidence and feedback from these discussions, they have re-evaluated their recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep people safe.

To ensure you're up to date with the latest guidance, visit the website

05/04/2020   Get the latest guidance on COVID-19 for the social care sector

Whether you need guidance on PPE or temporary changes to DBS checks, Skills4Care has the latest COVID-19 updates from all of the relevant agencies (Department of Health and Social Care, Local Government Association, GOV.UK and more) all in one place.

Visit their website now for the latest COVID-19 advice for the social care sector.  

03/04/2020   NICE updates COVID-19 guidelines on critical care

NICE has listened to concerns from patients groups about their guidelines regarding critical care during COVID-19. As a result, they have updated their advice in line with NHS guidance to ensure the best patient care possible during this time of intense pressure. 

Read the updated guidance here.

02/04/2020   Care Home Continence Assessments during COVID-19

Continence clinics in the community have been cancelled during the COVID-19 outbreak. Care homes should complete any continence assessment paperwork and forward it to the Lincolnshire Community Health Services Trust (LCHS). The LCHS will then do a telephone assessment and order products if required. Review assessments will also be done over the phone.

If a resident has signs of UTI and retaining of urine, a bladder scan will be done at the resident’s home or care home. Catheter patients will also be seen at their home or care home.

If you require any further information, please contact:

Allison Temple,

Continence Specialist Nurse, LCHS

Telephone: 01775 652278

Mobile: 07748932142


02/04/2020   Latest NHS England update: COVID-19 prioritisation within community health services

The latest update from NHS England, which details how community services providers can prioritise their services and create capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been released. 

The report highlights ways to prioritise:

  • Support for the home discharge of patients from acute and community beds, as mandated in the new Hospital Discharge Service Requirements, and ensure patients cared for at home receive urgent care when they need it.
  • By default, use digital technology to provide advice and support to patients wherever possible.
  • Prioritise support for high-risk individuals who will be advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks (further advice on this will be published shortly).
  • Apply the principle of mutual aid with health and social care partners, as decided through your local resilience forum.

Get the full report here.

02/04/2020   Running low on PPE?

Are you concerned that your stock of PPE is running low? Here are four providers who should have PPE items in stock:


Blueleaf: 03300 552 288

Delivernet: 01756 706 050

Countrywide Healthcare: 01226 719 090


Other contacts for food supplies/PPE, kindly shared by providers, include:

Gompels: (limiting orders)

Able Clean & Hygiene Supplies:

South Lincs Food Services: Operate a minimum drop of £30.00 and have an extensive range of goods and essentials. Telephone Paul Hunt at any time on 07584 392647

31/03/2020   Lincolnshire care workers become first to access exclusive COVID-19 training courses

Social care providers across Lincolnshire are once again at the cutting edge of the battle against Covid-19.

Last Friday, LinCA Workforce Development announced a joint working initiative between Medex Group Limited and itself. Supported by Lincolnshire County Council, the initiative gives every adult care worker across Lincolnshire access to two new pieces of learning.

The programmes, accessed through the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adult Board training website, aims to give the workforce a greater understanding of coronavirus/COVID-19. This includes information on managing the signs and symptoms in Health and Social Care settings, as well as Coronavirus Awareness and Infection Prevention and Control for Health and Social Care Workers.

In the three days that the course has been online, already 312 care workers have requested access to the signs and symptoms course, with 250 having completed. A similar number have been interested in the prevention course, where 234 have requested to take part and 199 have completed the training.

If you're a care provider based in Lincolnshire and would like to know more about these fully-funded eLearning courses, then please email Mark Turton, LinCA Workforce Development Manager:

31/03/2020   Key workers passes will soon be available

Lincolnshire County Council will be circulating a draft COVID-19 staff ID letter template shortly, which care staff will be able to carry with them in case they are questioned by police during their commute or journey.

30/03/2020   New "Hybrid" Care Certificates for quicker inductions

To assist those care providers who normally use the Care Certificate to support your inductions, LinCA WFD has reviewed the standards and have written a simple protocol that would support a shorter "Hybrid" version.

If you have not received the updated version from Mark Turton, please email

20/03/2020    Volunteers wanted to support Lincolnshire care providers in the fight against coronavirus

CareinLincs is on the hunt for volunteers to support Lincolnshire care providers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Volunteers with a range of skills are needed to assist organisations in their local community and beyond, to help ensure the health and wellbeing of Lincolnshire’s most vulnerable people. 

CareinLincs, which we launched in February 2020, was created to encourage people to consider a career in social care. Now, we're using its online presence to support care providers across the county, who are struggling with unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There are a range of roles available, meaning it’s not only those with direct care experience who can offer assistance. Organisations need everything from chefs to cleaners, activity co-ordinators, delivery people and more to sign up, as well as those with no previous experience who just want to lend a hand during this challenging time.

Our Chair, Melanie Weatherley MBE, says: “We all need to pull together right now to support the Lincolnshire care sector and make sure that the vulnerable people in our county get the support they need.

“No contribution is too small, so if you’re looking to do more in the fight against coronavirus, we’d love to hear from you.” 

Areas in need of support include:

  • Activity co-ordination
  • Administration
  • Childcare for the children of care staff
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking and hospitality
  • Delivering essentials
  • Frontline care work

To get involved, just register your details on the CareinLincs website. There is no need for a CV or cover letter, just upload your name, email address and phone number and the team will get back you.

19/03/2020   Dear government - Donít forget about the social care sector in the fight against coronavirus

We're calling for more government support for the social care sector amid the coronavirus outbreak, in response to the increasing government funding pledged to help businesses and the NHS to weather the storm. In comparison, little has been promised to assist care organisations, who are on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 and are crucial in protecting vulnerable people during this challenging time.

Our Chair, Melanie Weatherley MBE, says: “Although we’re pleased that support is being provided for the NHS and for businesses, we urge the government not to forget about the social care sector.

“There are 1.4 million staff working in care homes and for home care organisations who are vital in caring for the most vulnerable people in society, who need their carers now more than ever.”

Care organisations in Lincolnshire and the UK as a whole are feeling the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic. Home care providers across the country are struggling to reach service users for a multitude of reasons, such as staff having to self-isolate, needing to care for dependents, or becoming ill themselves. Organisations are having to think about restricting the range and number of calls they conduct, with cases needing to be prioritised in order of urgency – a call no home care provider wants to make - while care homes have been forced to ban visitors to stop the virus from spreading.

Despite these issues, Lincolnshire care providers and their staff have been doing everything they can to ensure the health and wellbeing of their service users.

Melanie added: “The NHS is full of amazing people doing amazing work, but so is social care. 

“Integration between social care and the NHS is the best way to ensure the health and well-being of our most vulnerable - not just during times like these, but all-year-round. 

“We’d like to see a more coherent approach to the issue of COVID-19, with a similar commitment made to social care that has been made to the NHS.

“Local government and care providers need the same immediate financial support to maintain their services, which in-turn will reduce pressure on the NHS."

Share if you agree the government needs to do more to support the social care sector during this time!

17/03/2020   Concerned about COVID-19?

  • Are you a care provider concerned about COVID-19?

Here at LinCA, we’re still available to answer all of your queries about coronavirus. You can reach us by email or call us on the phone, although due to our team now working from home our response time may take slightly longer than usual.

We will be listing answers to common concerns here shortly, as well as sharing useful resources and important updates as and when they appear. If you have any useful ideas or information you would like to share with us please let us know.

We want to reassure our members and all providers that we will be here to support them during this difficult time, so whatever your concern, please get in touch.

Call us on 01522 581073 

Or, email Susanna Lovelock at 

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): looking after people who lack mental capacity



28/02/2020   Winners of Lincolnshire Care Awards 2019 announced

 Lincolnshire Care Awards Logo

The winners of this year’s Lincolnshire Care Awards have been announced! 

Last night we popped the champagne and donned our glad rags to honour the county’s best in care at our gala awards evening at Lincoln's Assembly Rooms. With over 100 nominations across 12 categories (a record number!), choosing this year’s winners was tougher than ever!

But we did it – congratulations to the winners of the Lincolnshire Care Awards 2019! Check out the list below.


Residential Care Award (sponsored by Duncan and Toplis)

Winner: Laura Armstrong, Fotherby House

Highly commended: Julie Muckleston, Syne Hills Care Home


Community Care Award (sponsored by Quality Compliance Systems)

Winner: Elizabeth Felton, Walnut Care

Highly commended: Sharon Patterson, SAGE Care


Nursing & Nurse Associate in Social Care Award (sponsored by Medex Group)

Winner: Angela Cowley, Drovers Call, and Lynn Brown, Westfield Nursing Home


Healthy Nutrition Award (sponsored by Apetito)

Winner: Lisa Herbert & Katie Greenslade, Red House Nursing Home


Residential Care Leadership Award (sponsored by StaffAid)

Winner: Wendy Britton, Nene Lodge Retirement Home

Highly commended: Gale Bull, Red House Nursing Home


Community Care Leadership Award (sponsored by Country Court Care)

Winner: Damian Taylor, EarlyBird Lifestyle & Support Ltd

Highly commended: Amy Elding, Flo's Friends Ltd


Care Trainer Award (sponsored by the Lincolnshire Care Association)

Winner: Sam Stockwell, Boultham Park House

Highly commended: Janice Powell, Drovers Call


Care Activity Organiser Award (sponsored by Lincolnshire County Council)

Winner: Charli Siddons, The Old Hall

Highly commended: Heather Palmer, Mandy Crisp and Natalie Sharp, Royal Mencap Society


Behind the Scenes Award (sponsored by LLIP)

Winner: Andrew Saunders, Gregory House

Highly commended: Liza Nickerson, Kimberley Care Home


Caring Together Award (sponsored by Every-One)

Winner: Gainsborough Not Alone, Macmillan Volunteers


Lifetime Achievement Award (sponsored by the Lincolnshire Care Awards)

Winner: Helen Reilly, Oakdene Care Home


Rising Star Awards (sponsored by the Lincoln Care College)

Winner: Julia Pagett, Ashdene Care Home, and Richard Skipper, Libertas


Check out the full list of nominees here.

07/02/2020   The CareinLincs website has now launched!

Our revolutionary new CareinLincs website, designed to increase employment and support Lincolnshire’s social care sector, has launched! Free for our members, the website advertises care and nursing vacancies across the county and was created with Lincolnshire job-hunters in mind.

Every image featured on the website is of a real Lincolnshire care worker or organisation and includes everyone from support workers to registered nurses. The website showcases the many pathways available for those interested in a career in care, whether you want to progress your career or land your first role.  

The new website is not only a first for our county, but also the UK. CareinLincs is the first website to fight the sector’s recruitment crisis at the local level, with the goal of creating an emotional connection between would-be carers and the sector.

Along with assisting care homes, nursing homes and homecare providers in recruiting and retaining quality team members, CareinLincs can also be used to find volunteers, hire apprentices and organise work experience with schools and colleges.

As well as making it easier for students and would-be carers to find roles, CareinLincs makes finding new staff easier for care providers by handling the recruitment process from start to finish. Members of LinCA can sign up for free to this unique system, which allows providers to find and organise their favourite candidates, helping them to hire those with the right values for a career in care. 

Our Chair Melanie Weatherley MBE says: “Recruiting and retaining staff with the right values for a career in care is a challenge across the sector, but the CareinLincs website aims to change that.

“We want to help care providers in Lincolnshire to find kind, committed team members to take care of the vulnerable people in our county, but we also want to help those caring individuals to build a career they can be proud of.

“Whether searching for their first job in care or moving up through their next great role, we want to show that working in care is a rewarding and fulfilling career.”

Check out the CareinLincs website now:

21/01/2020   CAS Alerts

MHRA Medical Device Alerts


21/01/2020   Special Care Dentistry Service Lincolnshire

The Special Care Dentistry Service in Lincolnshire is largely a 'referral only' service providing high quality care and treatment for patients that are resident, including homeless and socially excluded groups, within the county of Lincolnshire. View further information here.

14/01/2020   Community Plan 2020-2023

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue (LFR) is currently developing its Community Plan for 2020-2023.  The Community Plan looks at how they can manage or reduce risks in some areas and how to use resources to best effect.

LFR would like to develop this document alongside the residents, businesses and organisations of Lincolnshire and they would love to hear from you.  Please could you take a few minutes to compete their Community Plan Survey.  The close date for receiving feedback is midnight on 9 March 2020 and further details can be found on the LFR website.

19/12/2019   Placements wanted for promising young care students

Can you provide quality work experience for a young care worker? Then we want to hear from you!
Lincoln Care College’s first students started their care journey in September, and now this promising group of trainees are in need of placements to help hone their skills.
If you'd like to support the future of care in Lincolnshire, contact Grace Neal at to offer a placement!
For more information about the Lincoln Care College and the unique training experience it offers, click here.

21/11/2019   EU Settlement Scheme: Employer Toolkit

The employer toolkit equips employers with the right tools and information to support EU citizens and their families to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

05/11/2019   The Care College

The Care College

LinCA has worked closely with Lincoln College to aid in the development of the Care College. The Care College has been developed with the aim of ensuring students are going to be prepared and suited to begin their career in care from the day they leave college. Throughout the two years the students will complete the Care Certificate and Level 2 Adult Social Care Award alongside good quality work experience throughout the sector.

The Care College’s aim is to showcase care as a career and enlighten students to feel passionate about working in the sector. Over 30 students began in the first cohort which started in September 2019.  All of these students will soon begin their first placements in a variety of settings in care.

LinCA is passionate about supporting the sector’s recruitment needs and aiding in the development of the future workforce.

For further information or if you would like to get involved in enlightening these students please contact Grace Neal on:

01/09/2019   Hard working carers honoured at this yearís Lincolnshire Care Awards

The Lincolnshire Care Awards are back for 2019 to celebrate Lincolnshire’s best in care. Now in its fourth year, our annual award ceremony honours exceptional care workers, teams and organisations that go above and beyond for their service users.

The awards put the spotlight on the hard work and dedication carers bring to the job every single day, particularly those who go the extra mile for their service users.

Last year’s award ceremony at Lincoln’s County Assembly Rooms was bigger and better than ever, with over 100 people nominated by service users and their family members, as well as fellow carers. Our 66 finalists came from a range of outstanding care organisations across the county, with the winners being presented with their awards by BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Melvyn Prior.

Mental Health Nurse Clare Caffrey took home last year’s Nursing and Nurse Associate in Social Care Award. Clare is based at Drovers Call, a nursing home in Gainsborough that provides personal and nursing care for elderly people, including those living with conditions such as dementia. Being nominated by her mentor for the award, Clare says winning has helped to feel confident in her abilities to make a difference for others.

“It was absolutely amazing to win this award,” she said. “It has made me feel so proud of the work we do and the care we deliver to our dementia clients.

“It has made me realise that the dedication, passion and love I have for my job is recognised and only encourages me to go that extra mile to ensure individuals with dementia live well.” 

Clare wasn’t the only Drovers Call team member to be honoured at 2018’s celebration. Nursing Associate Emily Gillett came highly commended in the same category after being nominated by Home Manager Lisa MacFarlane, and says the prestigious awards evening was “a lovely experience.”

She explained: “I think it’s an amazing event for social care providers, which allows people to be recognised for their delivery of care within their role.

“Winning the award has increased my confidence within my career. The nursing associate role is so new, it’s amazing to be recognised so early on!”

But it’s not just individuals who were commemorated at last year’s ceremony - groups were also awarded for their hard work. Nogi John, Home Manager for Westfield Nursing Home, collected the Care Leadership Award on behalf of her team. The Boston-based care home provides residential care and prides itself on its comforting “family-orientated” atmosphere. 

Nogi said: “Winning the Care Leadership Award 2019 for the first time was extremely overwhelming. I am indebted to the Team at Westfield Nursing Home, who works so passionately in delivering high quality care for our service users.“

19/08/2019   EU Exit Communications - Adult Social Care has now updated their EU Exit Communications advice for Adult Social. The new page is now available here:



02/08/2019   NICE draft guideline consultation - Carers: provision of support for adult carers

NICE draft guideline consultation - Carers: provision of support for adult carers.  Draft guideline and its supporting evidence are now out for consultation - further information can be found on the consultation page.

25/07/2019   Use of CCTV in care homes

CQC have prepared some guidance regarding the use of provider-operated CCTV in care homes