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Digital Webinar Dates

Please find below details of the latest training and webinar dates for all things Whzan and Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT). 

All dates shown are for group sessions held via Microsoft Teams, and therefore other homes/ organisations may be on the call - if you would prefer a one to one session for your staff please contact us directly:

Varsha Modhwadia, Digital Projects Manager -

To book on to any of the training dates/ webinars (excluding Clinical Training), please complete and return booking form >> Digital Webinar Booking Form

Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

Who should attend?
Organisation owners, Managers, Deputy Managers, or Administrative staff.  Only one person need attend.

'Introduction to DSPT' Webinar - (1 hour)
This webinar is aimed at providers who have zero or little knowledge of DSPT and are not registered/ trying to register for a DSPT account.  We will discuss what the DSPT is and why it is important as well as advise you on the information that will be required in order to get the Toolkit published. 

November 2021  
Tuesday 30th 2pm
December 2021  
Wednesday 8th  1.30pm
Wednesday 15th  10am
Tuesday 21st 10am
January 2022  
Wednesday 5th 10am
Wednesday 12th 2pm
Tuesday 18th 10am
Wednesday 26th 2pm

'Republishing the Toolkit' Webinar - (30 minutes) 
This webinar is aimed at providers who have completed and published their DSPT in past years and are only required to  'republish' for the new year.  To find out if your organisation has published previously, click here 

December 2021  
Wednesday 1st 10am
Tuesday 7th 10am
Tuesday 14th 2.30pm
Wednesday 22nd 2pm
January 2022  
Tuesday 11th 10am
Wednesday 19th 10am
Tuesday 25th 2.30pm


'Completing the Toolkit' Webinar - (2 hours) 
This is aimed at providers who have registered for the DSPT but have not completed or published their Toolkit.  During the webinar we will work, step by step, through each question allowing you to complete the Toolkit with support to hand.

November 2021  
Thursday 18th 10am
Thursday 25th  **New Time ** 1.30pm
December 2021  
Thursday 9th 10am 
Thursday 16th 10am 
Thursday 23rd 10am 
January 2022  
Thursday 6th  10am 
Thursday 13th 10am
Thursday 20th 10am
Thursday 27th 10am


For additional information and support regarding DSPT please visit our dedicated support page - here

Whzan Telehealth "Blue Box" System

Who should attend?
Any one with a caring role within your organisation - Managers, Deputy Managers, Nursing staff, Team Leaders, Carers, plus Administrative staff if you wish. 

'Refresher Training' Webinar - (30 minutes) 
This webinar is aimed at providers who have had Whzan training in the past and would like to refresh their memory with certain aspects of Whzan.

November 2021  
Tuesday 30th 10am
December 2021  
Tuesday 7th 2pm
Thursday 16th 2pm
Thursday 23rd 2.30pm
January 2022  
Thursday 6th 2.30pm
Tuesday 11th 2pm
Thursday 20th 2pm
Tuesday 25th 10am


'Whzan Training, New Users' Webinar - (1 hour) 
This webinar is aimed at providers/ staff members who have zero or very little knowledge of the system.

November 2021  
Tuesday 16th 10am
Wednesday 17th 2pm
Tuesday 23rd 2pm
Wednesday 24th 10am
December 2021  
Wednesday 1st 1.30pm
Wednesday 8th 10am
Tuesday 14th 10am
Wednesday 22nd 10am
January 2022  
Wednesday 5th 2pm
Wednesday 12th 10am
Tuesday 18th 3pm
Wednesday 26th 10am


'Clinical Training' Webinar – (45 minutes)
Starting in January 2022 we will be offering Clinical Training sessions every two weeks.  These sessions are aimed at clinically trained individuals such as GPs, PCNs, Nurses etc. who may be required to monitor observations taken of residents which may require clinical advice/decision making.

January 2022

Monday 10th


Monday 24th



February 2022

Monday 7th


Monday 21st


To book on to one of these sessions please email Varsha direct – – with your name, position, contact telephone number and suitable email address to receive a Microsoft Teams invite.

Further information, and User Guides, can be found on our dedicated Whzan page - here



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