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I am a Care Provider that has never published a DSPT Submission

If you have never completed the Data Security Protection Toolkit (DSPT) you need to follow the actions below.


The DSPT is an online toolkit which you are required to complete if you wish to use NHSmail, or if you already have access to any NHS data systems (including NHS Mail).  As we increasingly work in a Digital World, the NHS intends to further open its systems to Adult Social Care providers. By having access to the NHS's digital systems it will transform the way we deliver care but in order to do this, providers must be able to demonstrate that they have adequate Data Protection policies in place.  This is where the Toolkit comes in. 

The Deadline submission for 2021/2022 is March 2022’ – however, it MUST be completed before you will be able to request NHSmail accounts for your organization.


Why do I need to do this?

During the COVID 19 crisis, the NHS encouraged Care Providers to sign up to NHSmail, resulting in much more streamlined sharing of records and data.

The NHS does not want to lose what we have gained and wants to further expand the data and systems that it can share with Adult Social Care.

The DSPT underpins all this as it shows that you have good data protection and security protections in place.

The DSPT is an extremely useful tool because it covers all areas of GDPR compliance that you as a Care Provider are required to implement, such as having up to date policies, ICO registration and ensuring you are operating within the law.

It is also a contractual requirement to work with CCG's and Local Authorities.

It is looked upon favourably by CQC (KLoE 2.8 Well Led).


What are the benefits?

Once you have completed the DSPT it ensures your continued access to NHS Mail and potentially access to other services

You will have seen the benefits of using NHS Mail and how it allows secure data to pass to the NHS and back again. For example it allows GPs to send prescriptions to you securely.

Once you have completed the DSPT you can potentially have access to these other NHS services:

  • Proxy Access - With proxy access, you can order medication on behalf of your service users
  • Shared Care Record - This allows Care Providers and the NHS to access each others patient records, transforming how you deliver care
  • Digital Red Bag - Improves information sharing between care homes, ambulance services, hospital staff, residents and their family members, 

It includes Microsoft Teams video conferencing which is being used by doctors to do virtual consultations when they are unable to visit the home.

DSPT compliance can also potentially give you access to NHS records which is being rolled out across the country.


What help is available?

The DSPT has been re-witten to make it simpler to understand so many of the questions are now more care specific.  Completing the DSPT is not a 5 minute job and requires some preparation beforehand so a program of support is available to help you successfully complete the Toolkit, both at a national level and locally.

At a national level the Digital Social Care website has lots of online resources and templates you can access and they are also delivering a series of webinars to give you more information about the DSPT.

Locally the Care Association has information on what you need to complete the Toolkit on this website and we've also put together a program of FREE webinars you can attend, where we can talk you through the toolkit, allowing you to complete it - with our help - while you are on the webinar.


Further help

If you need help you can contact the Care Associations dedicated Digital Helpline during normal office hours on 01522581073 or email v.modhwadia@nhs.net 

For further information about Digital policies and directives effecting Care Providers please check out the Digital Social Care Website



This support programme is part of the Better Security, Better Care programme, funded by NHSX to support data and cyber security across the adult social care provider sector.