I am a Care Provider that published a DSPT submission in the last 12 Months at ‘Entry Level’ - Lincolnshire Care Association

I am a Care Provider that published a DSPT submission in the last 12 Months at ‘Entry Level’

If you have completed the DSPT to ENTRY LEVEL in the last 12 months you need to take the following action


The Bad News:

The Entry Level DSPT standard was withdrawn on the 1 March 2021 and replaced by a new 'Approaching Standards' level. Approaching Standards requires more work than Entry Level. We recommend that all Care Providers currently at Entry Level work towards completing the DSPT to Standards Met, particularly if you have an NHS Mail account.


The Good News:

You have until the March 2022 to do this. The DSPT Toolkit was updated on the 1st December 2021 and many questions have either been removed, re-witten or simplified.  We are here to support you with this.

The Deadline to submit your DSPT submission this year is the March 2022 so you must act now!


What do I need to do next?

The DSPT needs to have been completed to at least Approaching Standards before you can submit an application requesting NHSmail for your organisation.

The DSPT has been criticised as being too technical and difficult to understand, so many of the questions have been simplified or updated to reflect the world we work in at the moment (eg using more mobile devices) or have been removed all together.

As you have aleady completed the DSPT to Entry Level, you have already done most of the hard work. There is a program of support to help you - both nationally and from ourselves - but to be honest as we have worked with many of you in the past on the DSPT we think that now it has been made more easier to understand you should be able to complete it with minimal extra help.

However, we have created the following document that you may find helpful, see the DSPT Guide.


We suggest in the first instance you visit our DSPT Support page to find out whats changed with the Toolkit and what further documents or policies you will need to produce to get to Standards Met (thankfully its fairly brief).


This support programme is part of the Better Security, Better Care programme, funded by NHSX to support data and cyber security across the adult social care provider sector.