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29/04/2022   V for Life

V for Life

Please see details from a UK charity called 'V for Life', which supports older vegans and vegetarians.
They work with a number of organisations including carers organisations. They've recently delivered cookery courses and demos for Manchester and Liverpool carers which were well received with fantastic attendee feedback.

They have some great publications available online such as popular Veggie meals to your door, paper copies are available on request.

Here are some other services they offer:

•    Virtual cooking demonstrations or cook-alongs.

•    They run a virtual vegan lunch club monthly.

•    They also run regular 6-week cookery courses for older adults nationally, often in partnership with Age UK.

•    Pen and phone pal scheme. A great way to help reduce isolation.

•    They post blogs with useful tips such as:

•   They also have a grant schemes available to help older vegans and vegetarians with independent living. They've funded items such as stairlifts, mobility scooters, laptops, and cookery classes in Wales. More info can be found here.