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11/10/2021   CAS Alert: Diazepam RecTubes 2.5mg Rectal Solution - Supply Disruption

CAS Alert: Diazepam RecTubes 2.5mg Rectal Solution - Supply Disruption 

  • Diazepam RecTubes® 2.5mg have been discontinued in the UK and remaining supplies are expected to be exhausted by March 2022.
  • Diazepam RecTubes® are licensed in acute severe anxiety and agitation, epileptic and febrile convulsions, tetanus and as a sedative in minor surgical and dental procedures or in other circumstances where rapid effect is required and where intravenous injection is not appropriate.
  • Diazepam RecTubes® 2.5mg are mainly used in the management of status epilepticus and convulsions in neonates (off-label) to deliver doses of 1.25mg- 2.5mg doses and repeated if required.
  • Clinicians across healthcare settings should review all patients prescribed Diazepam RecTubes® 2.5mg and relevant local guidelines/ protocols which recommend the use of Diazepam RecTubes® 2.5mg to consider alternative preparations where appropriate.
  • Diazepam 5mg/ 2.5mL rectal solution remain available and can support an uplift in demand.
  • Alternative parenteral and non-parenteral preparations remain available.