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21/12/2020   Think of a care worker this Christmas

Understandably, many are upset that the time meant to be spent with loved ones this Christmas has been cut short, or cancelled altogether. But for a care worker, this isn’t just a dilemma they face during COVID – it’s a sacrifice they make every year for the wellbeing of others.

Being a care worker doesn’t stop at Christmas. Caring for others is a job that takes 365 days a year. Yet care workers give up the chance to spend Christmas Day with their friends and family in order to make sure yours are properly taken care of. 

In 2020, with the battle against COVID-19 raging on, their work is more important than ever. But still, the vital contribution the UK’s 1.6 million care workers make to society is often overlooked. While other unsung heroes such as doctors, nurses and police officers are celebrated at Christmas, care workers are usually left out of the spotlight, despite the fact that many older and vulnerable people wouldn’t be able to celebrate the festive season without their support.  

So, this Christmas, we’re asking you to think of a care worker, who on this special day is going above and beyond for their service users – just like they do all-year-round.