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28/07/2020   Important News - Virtual Clinical Skills Workshops - September 2020

LinCA WFD are offering fully funded Clinical Training in September for Nurse, Managers, Deputy Managers and Supervisors. [Please note that this training IS NOT aimed at general Care Workers] 

Here are the dates and topics we will be offering during September: 

Workshop 1

10th September – COPD and

25th September – Vital Signs and Sepsis & NEWS

Workshop 2

11th September – Epilepsy and

29th September – Diabetes

Workshop 3

23rd September – Verification of Death and

30th September – Wound Care & Management

To secure a place please fill in the booking form and ensure that all the required details have been completed as if they haven’t this will delay anyone being accepted on to the workshop add all the details required and send it back to either myself or Danielle Bradford

If learner fail to attend to do the above then providers will be required to pay a surcharge of £75 Per person [This was in place prior to COVID]. The only other stipulation is any one individual can only attend one full day workshop per month.