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28/04/2020   Our response to the sad news of the care home death toll

We’re deeply saddened by the number of coronavirus deaths in care homes across the UK. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those lost to the virus. We’re also sorry to hear that some of you were not able to say a proper goodbye to your loved ones, or say goodbye in the way you would have liked to.

Sadly, coronavirus particularly affects older people and those with underlying health conditions. The majority of people in care homes are frail and suffering from pre-existing health issues, and unfortunately COVID-19 has taken its toll.

We’re determined at LinCA to do everything we can to support care home residents, providers and staff during this distressing time. There are a number of things care homes and their staff can – and are - doing to fight the virus, including:

  • Ensuring all new residents are tested for COVID-19 before moving into the home
  • Using PPE as appropriate if cases of COVID-19 are known or suspected in the home
  • Ensuring that other professionals coming into the home are aware of the precautions in place on entry

There seems to be a lag in tracking coronavirus deaths in care homes, in part due to a lack of testing. Care providers need to keep tracking the number of COVID-19-related deaths, so we can identify trends and protect both staff and residents. We welcome the testing of asymptomatic staff and care home residents, as well as the commitment from Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to share the details of care home deaths on a daily basis.

It is also important to note that staff are continuing to give the same quality, loving care that they always have, especially in end-of-life situations. Loved ones can be assured that if a relative does pass, it will be in a dignified and comfortable setting, surrounded by people who truly care about them.