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10/07/2020   Our work towards an ethical reintroduction of visitors in care homes

We know not visiting your loved ones during this difficult time has been painful, and no one is happier about the possibility of allowing visitors again than care homes and their staff. However, homes in Lincolnshire, and across the UK as a whole, are in a challenging position and have been since the outbreak of COVID-19 began.

Since March, care homes have been forced to choose between protecting their residents’ health and their human need to see their family and friends. Lockdown has been tough for not only residents and their families, but also for staff, who just want the best for those in their care. 

Bringing visitors back into homes involves weighing up all the possible risks – a process that is unique to each facility – and is a delicate decision that cannot be rushed. Since May, the Lincolnshire Care Association has been working with experts from Lincolnshire County Council, the Lincolnshire CCG and Lincolnshire NHS Trusts to create the best possible – and most ethical - guidance for reintroducing visitors to care homes, with the goal of reuniting residents with their loved ones while protecting them from COVID-19.

We would welcome any government guidance that supports our work, but believe that the right balance needs to be struck before moving forward. We ask that visitors follow any health and safety guidelines in place when visiting, including wearing masks, washing your hands before entering and staying two metres apart at all times.

For more information on how you can help to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 while visiting a loved one, visit the Lincolnshire County Council website.